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Mark Garfinkel’s lecture at Norteastern University

Mark Garfinkel, famous Boston photojournalist, presented his work for Northeastern University journalism students last week, on Tuesday. Mark currently works at the Boston Herald and has his own website. From most of his work, he seemed to be a plane and weather fan. Later, after his introduction he stated that for becoming a good journalist, one needs to be very reactive and should cover every story going to the site and collecting the information, which is detailed which makes examplery change”. Mark gave an narrated a story of a man who jumped off the bridge in Chelsea, Massachusetts, but his life got saved as he got caught in net.He described, how he thought going under the bridge and checking different angles for capturing a convincing picture, would describe the entire scenario of Boston firefighters and Chelsea police saving the man

Finding right place, proper information, capturing various emotions and clicking best possible pictures is a key to become a well-known photojournalist says, Mark. Furthermore, he showed a photo story which he gathered for Boston Herald describing about a women in the final phase of her illness. He said that it was important for him to understand emotion of the woman during her final phase of life for clicking an effective photograph and appropriate time for clicking that photograph.

He showed various photographs, which mostly covered weather and plane photography, which he gathered for Boston Herald. He also answered to questions regarding ethics, rights and wrongs of Photo Journalism field.He shared great experiences of his Photo Journalism career and the work he did for Boston Herald, which fascinated most of the students like me, who wants to make their career in the field of Photo Journalism.