Final project summary

Final assignment – Student life

For my final assignment i am going to cover student life and for that i am capturing the entire day of three students. The name of those three students are Nabila Jabbar, Nadia Jabbar and Wendy Gomez. All of them are bio-chemistry majors at UMASS Boston. I went to California pizza kitchen with my roommate, where i was discussing my final project for Digital media class.I was very confused about what i should do for my final assignment. While we were talking, i overheard a conversation between three girls. They were talking about the election for president’s post of their university. At the first instance, I avoided the conversation. Later, after some time an idea stroke my mind. I thought of covering the student life. I jumped off my chair and reached them as I realized that they were about to leave. After a formal introduction and discussion about who I am and which university i belonged to, I discussed the entire idea of covering a student life. I asked them if I could interview them, and luckily they said yes. I quickly exchanged the numbers with them and thanked them for allowing me to interview them. I will stay with them for an entire day, follow them in their classes, with their friends, with their family, during their lunch time, in their labs, in library and so on.

I hope this works for my photo story and video. All of them will be sharing some of their experiences and some interesting things about their college life with me during the interview. We will discuss about the problems they face as a student, how they overcome their problems, and how the university is aiding them to succeed on global platform.

These are my ideas for my final assignments. For my photo story and videos keep checking my upcoming blogs.


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