Comparing dance forms : Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi

Bharatnatyam is a traditional dance form of India, which originated from the state of Tamil Nadu.On the other hand, Kuchipudi is a traditional Indian dance form that originated from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Bharatnatyam is a unique dance form, which was performed in temples in the 19th and 20th century but now it is performed in front of large audience and with fancy costumes. Bharatnatyam was initially performed within a little village called Divi Taluq in the Krishna district in the coastal areas of Bay of Bengal. The Brahmin inhabitants of the village traditionally performed Bharatnatyam. Whereas, Kuchipudi dance form achieved perfection during the rule of Abdul Hassan Tanesha of the Golconda Dynasty.  The king was so fascinated with the dance form that he rewarded 600 acres of territory from Tanesha to the Brahmins who performed Kuchipudi.

Bharatnatyam dance form was inspired from the sculptures of Chidambaram Temple. Whereas, Kuchipudi dance form originated from the creations of the Brahmin dancers. Bharatnatyam is known for its elegance, grace, softness and so on. Kuchipudi is performed flat-footed and with rounded poses. Other than the posture difference and the ways of performing the dance style, dressing in both the dance forms is also different. Bharatnatyam costumes consist of three fans of different heights, which look like the scattering portions of a pleated sari. Kuchipudi costumes on the other hand, have a single fan but it is way to heavy than Bharatnatyam costumes.

Bharatnatyam is a way of expressing inner fire or anger within the human soul and Kuchipudi is performed to show man’s desire to unite god.

Kuchipudi dance video.

Bharatnatyam dance video.

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