Video assignment

My recent class assignment was to interview three people. I decided to interview three professors of UMASS Boston. The topic of interview, which i chose was “international students and their problems with English language.” I went to UMASS campus. After meeting twelve professors i ended up taking interview of three professors named John Hess (Senior English lecturer at UMASS), Eve Sorum (Professor of English literature at UMASS)  and Professor Joseph Torra (Writer, poet and teacher at UMASS). All of them had different opinions regarding the topic.

“I love having international students,” says professor Hess. He thinks that international students from China, Scotland, Europe and so on face tremendous cultural shock in United States. Whereas, problems related to international students writing or grammar are resolved by offering them a series of classes such as ESL (English as second language classes).

Further, professor Sorum says that it is a responsibility of university and its professors to help overcome problems of international students. She also thinks that they are deeply good in necessary things and intelligent in their own ways. “Intensive reading and writing classes should be given to international students for whom English is not their first language,” says professor Sorum.

In addition, professor Torra believes that it is necessary to open doors for international students at UMASS Boston or in any other university because it helps students and faculty to be a part of international culture. He also thinks that international students should not be judged on their lack of writing abilities or their pronunciations but the way of presenting their ideas.

For more information please watch the above video.


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